Want to know what long term-cancer survivors have in common?

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Recently a pattern of behavior has evolved showing persons who become long-term cancer survivors have many new practices in common.   

When we become quite and reflect, blocking out the noise of the busy life, we  are able
to connect with our inner self. The true self. And then to know  and understand what we really feel.

In this quiet, you know your body better than anyone, any doctor, and become able to connect with your intuition, which is key to fighting any illness, especially cancer.
If you or someone you love has cancer, the very act of taking charge of your health not only ensures that you get the best care; it also gives you a survival advantage and makes it more likely that you will become one of the few overall miracle survivors.

We’ve learned that these Survivors are willing to change and consider un – conventional ideas, many of these patients had chosen to refuse traditional medical treatment.

Among the majority of successful persons, they rarely follow the status quo, but begin every venture with study and research gathering.

This entails getting a mentor -
They take ownership of the situation, decide what the ideal outcome will be and seek a mentor, a nutritionist or a strategist to navigate the way.  But will never just hand there fate over to someone else the way you would hand your car over at the dealership.

Survivors easily embrace change -
They change their lifestyle and diet, learn to relax, meditate and even begin to journal and to speak positive words over their lives and their future.

Survivors learn to focus inwardly - increasing love and happiness in their lives. Studies show that happy people live up to ten years longer than unhappy people and optimists have a 77% lower risk of disease compared to pessimists.  

Most likely because feelings of joy, love, connection, optimism, and happiness flip on the healing hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, nitric oxide, and endorphins which bathe every cell in the body - including the cancer cells -  activating the body’s natural cancer-fighting abilities.

Survivors learn that diet change as a powerful tool for self-healing. Most followed a clean eating program, eliminating meat, sugar, dairy, and refined grains.
When your body’s innate self-repair mechanisms are overtaxed with cleaning up toxins from a poor diet, it’s hard for them to go about the business of fighting cancer.

 But when your diet is pristine, your natural self-repair mechanisms can do what they know how to do - kill cancer cells and try to return the body to health.
Survivors learn to release negative emotions, such as fear, anger, grief, or resentment.  We know that repressed emotions, act as triggers in the brain, which perceives these negative thoughts as a threat to your safety. 

Every time you feel fear, anger, grief, resentment, loneliness, pessimism, depression, or anxiety, these negative thoughts activate the “fight-or-flight” stress response that fills the body with poisonous stress hormones and deactivates the body’s natural healing processes.

Dealing with negative emotions in healthy ways such is —Journaling, embracing a spiritual practice, medication and loving affirmations can extend life, survivorship by 20 years or more. This is the self-healing activators at work, the body’s self-repair mechanisms, allowing the body to heal itself.