The Healing Power You Were Born With

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      I hope you are having a great day today.  I’m sending  you information on my special offer which ends soon, although you still have time to register.  If you get to it soon. 

      I’ve learned that everyone needs professional support. I need it as well.
As a nutritionist  and wellness coach,  I am well versed in the business of  helping clients succeed in forming new health habits and  putting  chronic illness behind them.  But for years I struggled with the business side of my work.

       So,  now I have a business coach, a business partner,  and I have a team  to support me in the work I do, and to keep me on track as the business grows.   Recently  I joined a very high-level business program, so that I can learn to serve my clients even better.  It was a little scary because of the price, but I see it as continued growth. 

      And how does this relate to you?  I realize that every person needs to invest in herself or himself, in order to continue toward success….  It takes consistent effort, introduction to new information and new ways of thinking, to make the changes you’ll be required to make, in order to accomplish your goals and dreams. 
When these goals are health related, it takes a special kind of self-exploration for success, as in the up-coming 
                                                       7 Day Diabetes Repair workshop, which starts soon.

            In this program, you will learn:

          How to apply the healing power you were born with
          How to tap into your subconscious mind to make long-lasting changes
          How to lower your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol easier than you ever thought possible
          How to eat, breathe, sleep and think  in a way that connects to your inner stress manager
          How to follow a new healthy lifestyle so you won’t need medications as before
          How to take control of  your health -  so your lab values normalize
          All this leads to a healthier you,  

                                                    and your doctor will be forced to take away your meds

       Whether you are in chronic pain, been diagnosed with a serious health condition or simply want to become healthier – I’m inviting  you to learn how quickly, easily and completely this wellness workshop can change your health and your life.

        We’ve taught many persons this way to wellness, and each is better than they thought was possible.
This is a proven, science based, peer reviewed, tried and true  program - filled with information that works every time for every client who uses it.

          In addition to all the information you’ll have access to:  films, books, workbooks, and articles, you’ll learn how the body heals itself - why nutrition, lifestyle change, and a healing mindset is the real cure for what ails you. You and so many chronically ill persons. 

      You’re going to get lots of material to make use of the between sessions.  These materials will keep you on track and take the guess work out of the learning process.
Our sessions are set for your convenience, same day each week, for 7 sessions. .

      Did you know that Coaching is the most powerful force for learning new skills?
Think Tutor, or personal trainer.!.
      So, could this be the right time for you to get started on the program that can really turn your life around?  
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   All this leads to a healthier you,  
          and your doctor will be forced to
                          take away your meds.

All this leads to a healthier you,  
       and your doctor will be forced to
take away your meds